What we do

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Creative Concept Design

We can invent a fresh concept, or develop your ideas, through sketching, model making or straight into digital representation – from shows, to events, public spaces, buildings, sculptures, characters and costumes. We like to think we have great vision, from tiny to gigantic.

Entertainment Architectural Design

With humble beginnings in Architecture and Interior design, our team can envisage your project into a new space or environment as part of the over-arching vision. We believe the show setting and the performance are intrinsically linked. We have worked internationally with all kinds of different briefs and local regulations.

2d and 3d CAD

Our natural design progression from hand sketching and discussion is to produce drawing packages for use in the tender process, or into technical development. We often partner with Wonder Works Ltd to deliver shows with more challenging technical specifications.

Visualisation, Graphics and Animation

Early concept, or for design approval, we can produce hand drawn or digital 3d visuals of different styles to help sell your idea, or to communicate to your project team what is proposed throughout the process. We can also deal with your brand and AV graphic content.

Costume and Prop Design

Ideas and imagery, old and new, for theatre or any event, our experienced team can design items through to delivery.

Our Values

We like to make things simple.

We know that sometimes a project with multiple design aspects coming together can be daunting, so we plan with you to make it as straightforward and easy to track as possible. We will support you through challenges, big and small.

Expert Quality.

We can provide a team of experts, internationally experienced, to suit any project. Big or small. We work time and again with fantastic suppliers, who know how we work, and like thinking big and innovating with us – that all adds quality to the end result.

On time. On budget.

We are professional and efficient, without losing sight of the value of creativity. Function with creativity – we make it possible.

End to End.

We are capable of handling all aspects of a design project. From empty site to show night. We are passionate about the whole process, but equally, can deal with all the ‘bits’.

We are easy to deal with.

We don’t believe that design should be anything but rewarding and a fun process. Even under pressure.

We do a great job every time.

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