Salvation Army International Congress Live Quarter 2015

London 02 Arena: Boundless The Whole World Redeeming

Alongside the design for the 150th Anniversary Celebrations, Lloyd Live Design worked with Lt-Col Eddie Hobgood of the Salvation Army to realise a temporary theatre, with a 65m long graphic wrap applied to it, staging and banners within. See the Boundless Article here

Adjacent to this was a history exhibition for which we designed the layout, graphic content and exhibits. These included continuous fabric printed graphics 3m high and up to 37m metres long. We also designed bespoke Heras graphic wrap, and various other branded banners and graphics around the space from signage to wayfinding and decor.

The conclusion of the week was a march on the Mall, our show banners and placards were taken out across London, and to the outdoor stage festivities. We also designed the backdrop for this stage.

We particularly enjoyed late night art direction and hanging of hundreds of metres of hand made fabric bunting produced in all the international territories! It was beautiful!