Battle of Britain 75th Anniversary

Channel 4, Goodwood, 2015

On the 15th September, 2015, the nation celebrated the 75th Anniversary of the Battle of Britain. We did our small part in helping to set the scene at Goodwood Aerodrome for Arrow Media.

Lloyd Live Design worked with Footprint Scenery to provide sets for indoor and outdoor presentation spaces. We designed a route map table, and set and props for various areas in and around the Goodwood Aerodrome. The event was to see 36 Spitfires take off during the afternoon, with veterans and Prince Harry amongst their passengers and pilots. We were proud to have witnessed and been part of this event, broadcast on Channel 4 that evening. Ala was delighted to have the opportunity to work with Dermot O’Leary and HRH Prince Harry during their interview settings.

Salvation Army International Congress Live Quarter 2015

London 02 Arena: Boundless The Whole World Redeeming

Alongside the design for the 150th Anniversary Celebrations, Lloyd Live Design worked with Lt-Col Eddie Hobgood of the Salvation Army to realise a temporary theatre, with a 65m long graphic wrap applied to it, staging and banners within. See the Boundless Article here

Adjacent to this was a history exhibition for which we designed the layout, graphic content and exhibits. These included continuous fabric printed graphics 3m high and up to 37m metres long. We also designed bespoke Heras graphic wrap, and various other branded banners and graphics around the space from signage to wayfinding and decor.

The conclusion of the week was a march on the Mall, our show banners and placards were taken out across London, and to the outdoor stage festivities. We also designed the backdrop for this stage.

We particularly enjoyed late night art direction and hanging of hundreds of metres of hand made fabric bunting produced in all the international territories! It was beautiful!

150th Anniversary of the Salvation Army

London 02 Arena

Lloyd Live Design provided the production design for 7 creative shows at the 02 Arena in London this July, set, scenic and props of huge variety and use.

We also designed the historical exhibition, public dressing and overall user experiences for the entire Live Quarter Zone within the 02. This included a 3000 seat temporary theatre, exhibition stands, the main entrance archway, wayfinding flown banners, and public registration areas. We provided sketches, CAD 2d and 3d drawing services, artworking, art direction, on site supervision and client creative liaison to support the delivery of this event. We were engaged by Corporate Magic in Dallas, USA to work directly with The Salvation Army in London, and The Production Exchange, on the technical side, who were all delightful. It was a pleasure to work with them to develop the vision for this international event.

The audiences shared in some really special live performance during the week of events. These included giant flown banners, audience silks, large illuminated set pieces, and the construction of a bridge on stage during a musical piece.

Thanks to International Headquarters for the use of their show photographs.

Berlin 2014

Corporate Event
Lloyd Live Design were approached by creative agency, Brand Fuel, to produce the design for this event in Berlin. Two venues were chosen for a dual part event, including sit down dinner, entertainment and speeches for a well-known financial services organisation. Both venues were historically important, and needed to be treated sensitively. We designed a ‘floating’ stage over an outdoor pool, with an accompanying rental structure, dressed with lights and roof skins, for inclement weather.

The challenge for us was designing in a tight space, with difficult views onto the proposed performances, conceived by Adam Blackwood and his team at Private Drama. We worked with Adam Daly, and Brand Fuel from first sketches to the event, constantly responding to challenges in the budget, and logistics of the site and developing plan for the performances. A great team, and a neat outcome, with sharp execution of detail by Nussli in Berlin.

The Big IF 2013

Save the Children
Lloyd Live Design were approached two weeks before this event by Save the Children and Betty Productions LTD, to produce a design for the stage and dressing to accompany the art installation being displayed in Hyde Park by Wonder Works Ltd. 250,000 plastic windmills were planted in plan to make the shape of a porridge pot. Entitled ‘the Big IF’ this event was to raise public awareness for child poverty and hunger. Bill Gates, Danny Boyle and Angelique Kidjo appeared on the stage to address the public on the issues being highlighted. We designed a series of larger giant windmill pieces, banners and set pieces to surround the speeches.

We were thrilled to have been involved in this event, for a worthy cause, and enjoyed working with Footprint Scenery on the fast turnaround and installation on site.


Touring Show 2013
This revival of 1940’s music written into a nostalgic story of wartime love and friendship, was conceived by Charlotte Chinn and Kate Dawson. We were challenged with the production design for a tiny budget, with the proviso that the whole set and props could be toured in a car or small van. We developed some set box items that could take other props, and be used as tables, chairs, or to step onto. The set was double sided, to represent different rooms in a house, as well as incorporating a small projection surface ‘window’ that the girls could perform around. We employed our age old method of skip diving and material recycling to make this intimate show into an atmospheric and warm experience.

Doha Film Festival 2013

Closing Ceremony and Festival Look and Feel

We were engaged by Unspun, to work for the Doha Film Institute and Showforce, on developing the look and feel for the 2014 Youth Film Festival, Ajyal. As the client were going through an overall re-branding exercise at the time, we had the challenge of communicating their presence, and the chosen theme of the festival, without confusing the public about who was holding the event. The overall festival theme was Japanese Anime, and we developed a graphic language for the program of events, the design for two site options for the festival. One was an empty site, the other, dressing to an existing set of venues. We then worked with producers on the interactive ‘sandbox’ exhibit to produce layouts, graphics and overall furnishing choices.

We were then engaged to design the closing ceremony show, costumes, AV graphic looks and props. We worked with New Substance to develop costume designs for their aerial net performers, in order that they would make the maximum impact flown above the outdoor structure, roof and stage we had designed. We also worked with Globestar Management who made fire and sea costumes for our acrobatic performers. We worked with the hugely talented Phillippa Bishop to create the anime characters and show ‘avatar’ icons.

CBeebies Live! The Big Band

Opening Wembley Arena, touring 9 UK venues
Director, Will Brenton wrote the premise of this pre-school show, introducing a new concept band to the CBeebies audience, whilst showcasing all the current channel favourites, such as Justin Fletcher (Something Special, Justin’s House and many more), Katrina Bryan (Nina and the Neurons), Mr Bloom, Mr Maker, Rastamouse and the Zingzillas.

We designed the stage, the set, the new band concept and costumes, as well as dressing the ensemble and presenters. We also provided the graphic designs and vector still storyboarding for the video content on a flown LED screen and 5 moveable screens that described the action onstage during the show. The set also included a ‘trash monster’ which we designed to be made from recycled materials. The outer shell of plastic bottles were sourced locally to us, here in Long Crendon, whilst prop maker, Debs Mingham constructed it.

The show opened at Wembley Arena and was shown to over 200,000 people over the course of the tour. We thoroughly enjoyed this project, especially working with all kinds of musical imagery, and creating the ‘oobie doobie tuba’, with Darrin Hemus, the ‘mouth’ organ – mouth shaped – obviously, and also inventing two new musical instruments, the ‘hooterphone’ – a cross between a tandem and a hornophone, and the ‘ginormophone’. Mr Tumble took the challenge of learning how to play them.