Doha Film Festival 2013

Closing Ceremony and Festival Look and Feel

We were engaged by Unspun, to work for the Doha Film Institute and Showforce, on developing the look and feel for the 2014 Youth Film Festival, Ajyal. As the client were going through an overall re-branding exercise at the time, we had the challenge of communicating their presence, and the chosen theme of the festival, without confusing the public about who was holding the event. The overall festival theme was Japanese Anime, and we developed a graphic language for the program of events, the design for two site options for the festival. One was an empty site, the other, dressing to an existing set of venues. We then worked with producers on the interactive ‘sandbox’ exhibit to produce layouts, graphics and overall furnishing choices.

We were then engaged to design the closing ceremony show, costumes, AV graphic looks and props. We worked with New Substance to develop costume designs for their aerial net performers, in order that they would make the maximum impact flown above the outdoor structure, roof and stage we had designed. We also worked with Globestar Management who made fire and sea costumes for our acrobatic performers. We worked with the hugely talented Phillippa Bishop to create the anime characters and show ‘avatar’ icons.