CBeebies Live! The Big Band

Opening Wembley Arena, touring 9 UK venues
Director, Will Brenton wrote the premise of this pre-school show, introducing a new concept band to the CBeebies audience, whilst showcasing all the current channel favourites, such as Justin Fletcher (Something Special, Justin’s House and many more), Katrina Bryan (Nina and the Neurons), Mr Bloom, Mr Maker, Rastamouse and the Zingzillas.

We designed the stage, the set, the new band concept and costumes, as well as dressing the ensemble and presenters. We also provided the graphic designs and vector still storyboarding for the video content on a flown LED screen and 5 moveable screens that described the action onstage during the show. The set also included a ‘trash monster’ which we designed to be made from recycled materials. The outer shell of plastic bottles were sourced locally to us, here in Long Crendon, whilst prop maker, Debs Mingham constructed it.

The show opened at Wembley Arena and was shown to over 200,000 people over the course of the tour. We thoroughly enjoyed this project, especially working with all kinds of musical imagery, and creating the ‘oobie doobie tuba’, with Darrin Hemus, the ‘mouth’ organ – mouth shaped – obviously, and also inventing two new musical instruments, the ‘hooterphone’ – a cross between a tandem and a hornophone, and the ‘ginormophone’. Mr Tumble took the challenge of learning how to play them.