Sam Roelandts

Sam works with LLD as a freelance designer and model maker.
His passion is film, and getting involved in all aspects of backstage life.
Having studied in Oxfordshire, he has been involved in the making of several independent films, in varying roles.
A self-confessed comic book enthusiast, gamer and keen chef, Sam has recently been on site with Fast and Furious Live during rehearsals. He assisted the set painting team and saw some of his models come to life.
We hope Sam will always be free to be involved in our projects, but we predict a glittering career in film awaits him!

Mutts and Mogs

Office cohorts, model chewers and good friends – meet our trusty team pets. Often found hanging out not far from the latest project, or pawing over a stack of design drawings.

And…..Meet our new addition, Holly – little sister of our Sam – she’s risen swiftly through our ranks to become head of stage set model-eating.

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Kevin Edwards

We are truly privileged to work with 3d technical CAD designer, Kevin Edwards. He has nearly 20 years of experience designing bespoke performance stages for live events, both touring and corporate.

Kevin’s experiences began at Brilliant Stages in 1996, where he adapted his previous skills and knowledge in CAD and engineering to the diverse design environment of live events. During this time, he worked on many large scale projects, including the Millennium Dome Central Show, Athens Summer Olympics 2004, Turin Winter Olympics 2006, Robbie Williams ‘Weekends of Mass Distraction’ & ‘Close Encounters’, Rolling Stones ‘Bridges to Babylon’, ‘Licks’ & ‘A Bigger Bang’, Genesis ‘Turn it on Again’, AC/DC ‘Black Ice, ‘U2 ‘360’ and Muse ‘The Resistance’ tours, to name but a few.

Kevin now offers freelance CAD services to the live events industry, recently working with clients including Tait Technologies on the Sochi Winter Olympics 2014 Ceremonies, Wonder Works, and Stufish Productions Ltd. His cat, Mungo, would also consult with our team, if it wasn’t for all the dogs.

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Ala Lloyd

Ala is a production designer, and RIBA chartered Architect. She has over 15 years’ experience in a variety of international art, design, entertainment and construction settings. In 2014 she was nominated as Set Designer of the Year by Total Production International.

As founding director of Lloyd Live Design, she brings her experiences together, to lead a great team in delivering a variety of complex and bespoke projects. She was Design Studio Manager, and later Head of Design at London 2012 Ceremonies Ltd, and is a member of the Society of British Theatre Designers. She has mentored and taught young professionals and students throughout her career, and has recently lectured in design at the Backstage Academy, LS Live UK.


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Jeremy Lloyd

Jeremy has spent 25 years delivering major live events all over the world. He has a particular specialism in music, being ‘the go-to’ production and technical designer for many global superstars. Projects have included: Rolling Stones World Tours (2002/2005), Robbie Williams World Tours (2003/2006), We Will Rock You, Dominion Theatre London (2006), and Roger Waters The Wall World Tour (2010/2011).

Hannah Knox

Hannah Knox was born in London and completed her MA in painting at the Royal College of Art in 2007. She lives and works in London. Knox’s practice takes painting as its focus. Her most recent works are made from a selection of fabrics and cloths, ostensibly unpainted they are stained, poured, dipped, printed or sprayed. Shape-shifting they fall from the ceiling, hang out on the floor or gather themselves up to make a stand-in body in the room; actively embracing the world beyond the wall. Alongside her work as a practising artist, Knox is a senior lecturer at Oxford Brookes University for their BA in Painting, and provides creative consultancy to Lloyd Live Design on a variety of projects. Her work can be viewed at

Daniel Vincze

Daniel studied Architecture & Set Design at University of the Arts London. He then worked in London theatre for over a decade before joining the design team for the London 2012 Opening and Closing Ceremonies. He worked directly with creative director Danny Boyle and production designer Mark Tildesley.

Following the Olympics, he launched a career in the film industry working in the art department at Warner Bros, Vertigo Films, The Weinstein Company and Walt Disney Motion Pictures.

Basmah Jolley

Basmah has both an artistic and technical background. She studied Industrial Design and Technology (Loughborough University) with an MA in Interior Design (University of the Creative Arts). Following graduation Basmah spent several years working designing commercial office and luxury home interiors.

Basmah then joined the London 2012 design team for the Opening and Closing Ceremonies of the Olympic and Paralympic Games. She worked within Ala Lloyd’s design studio team. Basmah assisted in delivering creative and exciting design solutions for stage and set. In 2013 Basmah worked as Design Associate in the National Theatre’s 3D Digital Design and Drawing Office re-designing the Bookshop and the NT Studio Container project.